Wedding in Tivoli: Villa Tavernucole

Villa Tavernucole

A recommended location to get married in Tivoli; located at the gates of Rome on top of a hill of about 40 thousand square meters, the Ancient Villa Villa Tavernucole is a charming structure that stands on an ancient tower of the ‘400. Inside the structure itself it is also possible to find an ancient main church immersed in an oasis of greenery.
This ancient residence, a place rich in history and charm, is now extremely popular with couples who decide to get married in Tivoli. The location on the other hand lends itself perfectly to hosting events of a certain importance. Not only weddings, but also baptisms, parties and various occasions. A quiet place surrounded by greenery, in an oasis of peace where everything seems to have remained exactly as it was centuries ago.

The structure of the villa

The villa has both outdoor and indoor spaces, both usable for a ceremony. The internal rooms are presented as large and elegant spaces, the right mix between ancient noble spaces and modern equipment.
Outside surrounded by greenery you can have a large and elegant gazebo; all on the background of a marvellous little church in which it is possible to celebrate a romantic wedding with a religious rite.
For those who want to opt for a civil ceremony instead, the advice is to turn to the beautiful frescoed rooms inside the house. And it is precisely here, in the interior spaces, that there is the internal kitchen, unique in its kind because it was obtained in an ancient sighting tower.

Where is Villa Tavernucole

Villa Tavernucole is located on Via Tiburtina, precisely at Setteville di Guidonia a few kilometers from Tivoli. An ancient residence full of charm and elegance that represents an ideal place for your wedding in the Tivoli area.
Even guests of a ceremony can take advantage of the services of the villa while staying in one of the many old houses, now used as elegant suites and luxury rooms. A place in which history and modernity blend in a wise way giving life to a frame that, in recent years, has become much in demand by future married couples looking for particular locations for the day of the fateful ‘yes’.

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