Your wedding in Tivoli: the wonderful Villa Gregoriana

Gregorian Villa

A villa that is also a naturalistic complex, not surprisingly known by the name of the Park of the Villa Gregoriana issued by Fai, the Fund for the Italian environment. We are talking about Villa Gregoriana, that with Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa composes the famous triptych of villas that each year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to Tivoli.
The villa was built by Pope Gregory XVI in 1834 near the river bed of the river Aniene, a tributary of the Tiber. The Park of Villa Gregoriana lies on two different sides of a deep ditch. A suggestive atmosphere for a place undoubtedly to visit for tourism but not only; because, precisely for this naturalistic beauty, Villa Gregoriana is the right place to get married in Tivoli and there are many who choose it every year as a frame for their wedding.

Tivoli: the new wedding destination

The wedding day is a unique moment, awaited for a whole life. a passage of great importance that must be organized in the best possible way. And often the choice of the location can depend on the outcome of the ceremony.
Getting married at Villa Gregoriana near Tivoli is certainly a good choice; this is also due to the exponential growth that Tivoli has recorded in the interests of future bridal couples. It is no coincidence that the city near Rome is increasingly included among the wedding destination, or destinations where to organize weddings. And among the locations in Tivoli, Villa Gregoriana stands out.

Weddings with a civil ceremony at Villa Gregoriana

This is also the result of a precise choice that has led to the possibility, for some time, of being able to celebrate marriages with a civil ceremony in Villa Gregoriana. The bride and groom will have the possibility of a ceremony in the background of the nature park managed by Fai: a breathtaking view that is enjoyed from the terrace of the Acropolis with the background of the temples; and again from the Upper Belvedere of the Grande Cascata or in the area of Manlio Vopisco.
A wedding immersed in nature, inside a wonderful protected area to make the ceremony unique and full of charm. For information on weddings in Villa Gregoriana you can contact the wedding office of the City of Tivoli or directly the Villa Gregoriana Park.

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