Your wedding in Tivoli: Get married in Villa d’Este

villa d'este

Today the idea to get merried in Tivoli is becoming increasingly common considering the many beauties of the place. Tivoli is gaining the role of wedding destination, or a destination for weddings. And it is no longer just a destination for honeymooners, something that Tivoli has always been: here we refer to the place to use as a frame for your wedding.
And there are many possibilities: you can turn to one of the many villas or the many farmhouses in the area; and yet you can choose from the numerous restaurants and farmhouses for a wedding dinner. We have seen how an idea for a wedding in Tivoli can be Villa Gregoriana, a naturalistic complex known as the Park of the Villa Gregoriana released by Fai, the Italian Environment Fund.
The marvellous gardens of this villa can be the right place for a ceremony. But not only Villa Gregoriana; also the other wonderful villa of Tivoli, one of the most requested by tourists from all over the world, can be the ideal background for a wedding in Tivoli: Villa d’Este.

Weddings at Villa d’Este

The city of Tivoli offers endless possibilities for recreation and multiple attractions: here you will find everything from history to culture, through the relaxation of the spa, the visit of museums and places of art, the exploration of nature.
Among the places most loved by tourists there is Villa d’Este, the imposing Renaissance villa whose gardens have been declared UNESCO World Heritage. The villa, built over the remains of an old monastery, became the residence of Lucrezia Borgia‘s son, Cardinal Ippolito d’Este, in the middle of the Renaissance.
The possibility of proposing a wedding ceremony at Villa d’Este stimulates the palates of many future brides nd grooms. In this way a dream come true.

Bride and Groom at Villa d’Este: where to officiate the ceremony

Villa d’Este is ideal for a love escape; a dream for those who want to organize a wedding at the gates of Rome, something more original than the many wedding ceremonies that take place in the capital. Villa d’Este is the masterpiece of Mannerism and of the Baroque, thanks above all to its gardens and to the many fountains, known all over the world. Because of its great beauty it can be the ideal setting for a wedding, perhaps even celebrated in Rome.
The villa can indeed host the reception; alternatively, you can also opt for officiating the ceremony itself in a municipality with a civil ceremony. For the rest, we think to the wonderful Renaissance home to create a romantic atmosphere with its countless fountains, with the baroque gardens and with its history, which shines through every corner.

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