Your wedding in Tivoli: The Churches

Church Tivoli

Getting married in Tivoli is a reality that always excites the palate of many future couples. Tivoli is a town that attracts many tourists every year due to its many beauties: fairytale landscapes, natural frames and historical finds of great interest. A winning mix that makes the old Tibur a so-called ‘wedding destination’, or a destination to be considered as a place for a wedding. Throughout the territory there are many villas, cottages, farmhouses, classy hotels for refreshments.
But Tivoli is also able to offer a huge choice in terms of churches. There are several, located in different parts of the city and suitable to meet every need of future spouses. The fact that the city rises a few kilometers from Rome is one more reason, an aspect that makes the idea of a wedding in Tivoli simpler and more convenient.

The churches

Starting from the historic center, walking in the charming alleys, the first church you meet is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo Martyr also known as Tivoli Cathedral. A place of great historical and artistic interest in which there are several works by artists of a certain importance.
Also in the historic center is the Church of San Pietro alla Carità considered one of the most beautiful of the place. A jewel that has over a thousand years of history behind the skeleton of an ancient paleochristian temple. Inside the church there is a crypt.
Continuing to talk about buildings with many years of history behind them, there is the Church of San Silvestro. The oldest Christian temple in Tivoli. This church is chosen today by many couples as a place to officiate their wedding in Tivoli. Another recommended location is the Church of San Michele Arcangelo: a building dating back to the 12th century that stands right in the heart of medieval Tivoli. This is also a very popular location for weddings in Tivoli.

Other wedding locations in Tivoli

Then there is the Church of San Biagio, built by Pope Boniface IX towards the end of 1300. It is located right in the heart of Tivoli, in the central Piazza del Plebiscito. And finally, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, today one of the points of recollection of the community of Tivoli and considered together with the Cathedral of Tivoli, the most important and beautiful place of worship in the city.
The church is located in the new center of the city in front of a square and is annexed to the old convent, home to the Benedictine friars of Farfa. A welcoming and suggestive location to celebrate your wedding in Tivoli.

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