Your wedding in Tivoli: Tenuta S. Antonio

An exclusive and classy idea for a wedding in Tivoli. The Tenuta of S. Antonio is a beautiful noble residence dating back to 700 and located in via Elsa Morante. A space used since the fifteenth century to be cultivated by the Antonian Fathers and named after their patron.
It is from the beginning of the 20th century that the S. Antonio estate became the headquarters of the family farm: since then the structure has undergone several renovations to arrive as it appears today.
A huge park of over 7 hectares surrounds the estate; an extremely suggestive and successful frame if you are thinking of using the location as a venue for a wedding in Tivoli.

The villa and the interiors

The villa has a front of about one hundred meters: to welcome the newly arrived visitor, the Fountain of the Water Lilies. Once you have passed the stairs you will reach the actual entrance of the villa with outbuildings, lounges, studios and a library.
The south part of the villa has two large rooms of about 500 square meters and the wonderful terrace of the Aranci of over 300 square meters. From here it is possible to enjoy a suggestive view of Tivoli, with its many beautiful landscapes; and of the Tiburtini Mountains.
Tenuta S.Antonio of Tivoli is a structure suitable for different needs and suitable for weddings and ceremonies of all kinds.

The right place to get married in Tivoli

The tenuta is one of the recommended places to get married in Tivoli: to complete the rooms, a guesthouse with an additional environment suitable for receptions; the ancient stables, where thoroughbreds were raised in the mid-1900s and sent to participate in international competitions.
Then there is a small chapel known as Gentilizia, adjacent to the Court and where once upon a time farmers’ families met for the annual Mass in honour of Saint Anthony. Today these spaces have become a receptive environment suitable for hosting ceremonies and events of all sorts. A large space where up to 600 guests can be welcomed. To complete the wedding discourse, the estate S. Antonio of Tivoli also offers wedding service for organizing the ceremony.

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