Wedding in Tivoli: Tenuta di Rocca Bruna

Rocca Bruna Tivoli

A small oasis of peace in the heart of Tivoli, immersed in the greenery of the natural landscape chosen by the emperor Hadrian as his home and refuge from worldliness. The Tenuta of Rocca Bruna is a structure obtained from the transformation into a restaurant of an old farm that stands in a particularly happy place.
A landscape and archaeological context of enormous value as it borders on the wonderful Villa Adriana, which was the home of the Roman emperor in the 2nd century AD. Today it is one of the most visited places in Tivoli for this reason UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site.
In a historic setting of this importance stands the Estate of Rocca Bruna; the ideal place also for precious and important moments such as a wedding ceremony.

A scenario of great architectural value

The Tenuta of Rocca Bruna restaurant has large rooms all furnished with taste and style; outside the building there is a wonderful garden, ideal setting for weddings, different ceremonies, business meetings.
The restaurant is considered an excellence also from the point of view of the culinary proposals; it is not by chance that it is inserted and cited in many of the main Italian food and wine guides. The proposed cuisine is semi-genuine, faithful expression of Italian tradition, prepared with carefully selected ingredients.
The restaurant was founded in 2001, but the Tenuta of Rocca Bruna obviously has a history behind it; the structure takes its name from the tower whose ruins are still visible in the property and which has had different uses over the centuries.

The right location for important events

The Tenuta of Rocca Bruna has always been an ideal destination for those looking for a place to eat quality food, surrounded by enchanting scenery; but also those who need a location for a special ceremony, an event of particular importance such as weddings, communions, baptisms, birthdays or business meetings.
At the Tenuta you can taste and buy excellent wines from the winery that boasts over 500 labels. The Tenuta of Rocca Bruna is a restaurant in Tivoli, Rome, located precisely in Villa Adriana, near of the city of Tivoli.

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