Wedding in Tivoli: La Cerra farmhouse


An agritourism with an farm and an educational farm located near Tivoli, on the hill of Monte Sant’Angelo. An oasis of relaxation and genuine cuisine based on the rural work of the land and the breeding of animals.
The La Cerra farmhouse therefore becomes the ideal setting for those looking for hospitality in close contact with nature, tasting the genuineness of the products. In Tivoli, in an extraordinary landscape context surrounded by trees and pure nature; and near to places of absolute architectural interest.
From here it is possible to enjoy a marvellous view of the Arcedese valley and the Roman castles. The La Cerra farmhouse is nestled among these wonderful realities.

Organic products and local cuisine

A genuine cuisine focused on local culinary and gastronomic traditions; all accompanied by the opportunity to taste organic products with foods that retain their natural characteristics.
An approach of this kind is useful to preserve the integrity of the surrounding territory and its landscape aspects. The meats (bovine, goat or pork) come exclusively from the local farm where the animals are fed with fodder and natural cereals. It is also possible to visit the environments where they live.
Authentic and genuine products made with old-fashioned processing methods. To this is added the educational farm, aimed to children: a training activity for children that relies on direct contact with the animals thus allowing new generations to discover the rhythms of nature.

An idea for a wedding in Tivoli

As well as a farm and an educational farm, La Cerra is also a farmhouse where you can stay and sleep. Is available to the visitor the opportunity to stay in elegant and family cottages or in a campsite equipped for every need.
La Cerra is, for all these characteristics, a location suitable for hosting a wedding. An ideal place for receptions able to combine simplicity and originality for the day of your wedding; for all those who caress the idea of getting married in Tivoli.
A ceremony in contact with nature, tasting genuine products, quality and at the same time refined dishes, faithful expression of the culinary tradition.

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