Wedding in Tivoli: Hotel Torre Sant’Angelo


There are many reasons to get married in Tivoli, this wonderful city on the outskirts of Rome that hosts many sites of interest some of which are also listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. A place capable of offering suggestive panoramas for important event as the wedding day is. It is no coincidence that more and more couples decide to come here to crown their dream of love.
In addition to the many places of interest, Tivoli is able to offer for its natural conformation a series of locations such as farms and farmhouses as well as hotels and facilities suitable for ceremonies; they are many and located throughout the territory.
Among the facilities for hosting wedding receptions there is also the Hotel Torre S.Angelo, located in a strategic position just a few minutes from places of interest such as Villa Gregoriana and Villa d’Este.

Hotel Torre S.Angelo

The Hotel Torre S.Angelo is located in Tivoli at a summit of the Natural Park of Monte Catillo immersed in a forest of 70-hectare olive trees. It is an ancient castle of the ‘700 that, over the years, has undergone a long series of restoration interventions to return to the magnificence of that remote period.
Torre S.Angelo was in the past the ancient residence of Roman nobles; today it is a wonderful accommodation located in a privileged position overlooking the waterfalls of Tivoli and all the Roman countryside.
The building has its foundations about 2000 years of history as it was built on the ruins of the villa that belonged to Catullus, the famous Latin poet born in 84 a.C. It was then entrusted to the Olivetani monks. Then in 1500 it became the summer residence of the princes Massimo of Rome.

The Torre S.Angelo location

If getting married in Tivoli can be an idea full of charm thanks also to its many churches a reception in a location like this is the ideal solution to leave an indelible memory of the event.
The location includes the Sala del Castello, with the possibility of hosting up to 200 people; the Hall of Roses with a capacity of 130 people; and the Sala delle Feste with 160 seats.
The restaurant is located inside the structure and is ideal for hosting a wedding banquet, counting on large spaces and highly elegant furnishings.

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