Visit Viterbo and surroundings


Visit Viterbo and surroundings, that is all that can be included in the Tuscia area. There are several tourist attractions that make this place magical showing places of cultural, natural and archaeological interest.
Viterbo is an urban center of medieval origins whose history exudes from every corner of the city: among noble palaces and churches are many places of interest to visit. In the historic center of Viterbo are contained many of these beauties among Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance churches, medieval watch towers, noble buildings. All this testifies to the splendor that the city of Viterbo reached between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, when it came to compete with Rome to be the seat of the papal Curia.
Among the most interesting places in Viterbo, mention must be made of the Palazzo Comunale, born as a will of Pope Sixtus IV in the fifteenth century; Palazzo PodestĂ , built in the twelfth century, and Palazzo Farnese, among the symbolic places of Viterbo.

The Palace of the Popes

But all the historic center of Viterbo is a place to visit and fall in love with. The Duomo of San Lorenzo is a Romanesque building dating back to the 12th century. Then there is the Palazzo dei Papi, among the symbolic places of the city of Viterbo: a Gothic building created to house the Popes during their stays in Viterbo and whose construction began in the XIII century.
In the 15th century, was added the Loggia dei Papi, whose characteristic is that of having seven arches supported by different columns. The Palace of the Popes of Viterbo is often present in the city’s postcards as the place that best manages to summarize the charm of the town of Tuscia. A well-defined impression to the point that we tend to speak of ‘Viterbo style’ when referring to loggias or profferli that are typical of the dwellings of these parts.

Visit the Tuscia

In general all the Tuscia of Viterbo is a suggestive area to visit, a place characterized by ancient villages, castles, watch towers, hills and historical finds of various kinds. An area of great historical and cultural interest as well as a huge tradition in terms of food and wine.
A guided visit to Viterbo and in general in the territory of Tuscia can be accompanied by a moment of leisure and lightness, a pleasant interlude to discover the typical dishes of Tuscia. The ancient area of Etruria, that area that was home to the culture of the Etruscans, ancient population of central Italy that lived before the Romans, is now known as Tuscia: among the places to visit on a tour of the province of Viterbo we can mention Bassano Romano, Blera, Manziana, Anguillara, Oriolo Romano, Bracciano, Bolsena, Bomarzo, Calcata.

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