A visit to Tuscania and the Saint Peter’s Cathedral


One of the most evocative medieval village near Viterbo. It presents visitors a series of incredible landscape beauties. Tuscania is an Etruscan city which offers enogastronimic and cultural traditions.
The whole city is surrounded by medieval walls that contribute in creating a typical historic village atmosphere on the territory of Tuscia. The historic center of Tuscania in particular is a place to visit and to get lost in.
You can customize the Tuscania tour by also providing other destinations according to the needs of the individual groups.

Duration: Tuscania tours have a duration of 2 or 3 hours depending on the requests.
Place: Appointment to be defined.
Guide: Professional Tourist Guide.
Mode: Entrance not included

Tuscania Tour

Tuscania is a succession of historical monuments and large squares put around the historic center. There are several streets some of which are of great impact as in the case of the Via degli Archi.
Suggestive is also the Largo Belvedere from where you can enjoy a postcard view over the city of Tuscania. A tour of Tuscania inevitably passes by the Lake of the Seven Cannelle with the fountain which brings the same name, dating back to the Etruscan period.
For those who visit this delightful medieval village the advice is to let themselves be enchanted by the tastes and scents of local cuisine: in Tuscania food and wine traditions are well rooted in culture.

The Cathedral of San Pietro

One of the symbolic places of the city of Tuscania is the Saint Peter’s Cathedral which stands on the homonymous hill, also called the Acropolis hill. The Saint Peter’s Cathedral is a wonderful basilica-style basilica inside which there are several mosaics and other finds of absolute importance. The area of the crypt in the Gothic style is very suggestive.
From the hill of Saint Peter, just outside the basilica, it is possible to enjoy a fairly wide view over the surrounding valleys. On the same hill it is also possible to visit the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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