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Visit Sermoneta, one of the most fascinating medieval villages of Lazio – Visiting Sermoneta means getting lost in a medieval village considered one of the most fascinating in whole Lazio. We are in the province of Latina, at the foot of the Lepini mountains: Sermoneta rises at the end of a long and winding road that climbs from the Pontina plain, offering visitors glimpses of evocative panoramas.
The village of Sermoneta appears as a small village, totally surrounded by medieval walls and built around a castle between olive trees. It is possible to personalize the Sermoneta tour by looking for other destinations according to the needs of the individual groups.

Duration: Sermoneta tours have a duration of 2 or 3 hours depending on the requests.
Place: Appointment to be defined.
Guide: Professional Tourist Guide.
Mode: entrance not included

History of Sermoneta

Its proximity to Rome makes Sermoneta one of the ideal places for a short hike, for a few hours or for a whole weekend. The history of the village has its roots in very ancient times even if the current village, which rises in a territory between the Lepini mountains and Agro Pontino, does not reflect the original nucleus.
In the sixteenth century the village of Sermoneta underwent a slow decline that coincided with the first reclamation of the Agro Pontino; a large part of the population moved to the larger cities, starting from Cisterna di Latina.
According to tradition, the village of Sermoneta is the heir of the ancient city of Sulmo: the origins of the present Sermoneta is date back to the High Middle Ages when a fortified town developed here as a refuge from the Saracen raids along the coast.

What to see in Sermoneta

First of all the historical centre including the long road to get there which offers an amazing view: recommended is the view on Agro Pontino. The buildings of the village are quite rustic, they make the country characteristic.
The Duomo is one of the most interesting places in Sermoneta; then the Caetani Castle, a stronghold built at the end of the village that dominates from above. The historic Caetani family of Lazio reigned for a long time on the village and the fortress was built starting from the twelfth century. We recommend to visit the Stanze Pinte, probably the work of a student of Pinturicchio.
To complete the visit of Sermoneta, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta erected before the X century in Romanesque-Gothic style; the Church of San Michele Arcangelo which rises in the medieval heart of the village; the Valvisciolo Abbey at the foot of Mount Corvino and dedicated to the martyr Saint Stephen.

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