The Casamari Abbey and the Isola Liri waterfalls

Isola Liri

In Casamari, in the province of Frosinone, is sited one of the most important monasteries in Italy for what concerns the Cistercian Gothic architecture. Built in 1203, it stands on the territory of Veroli, close to many other areas of interest.
Usually those who go on a touristic visit to this territory can also enjoy a tour of the falls of Isola dei Liri, two of the rarest natural waterfalls in the world for a unique attraction that involves and impresses the visitor.
It is possible to personalize the Tour of the Abbey of Casamari and of the Isola Liri waterfalls as well as other destinations according to the needs of the single groups.

Duration: Tours can take 2 or 3 hours depending on requests.
Place: Appointment to be defined.
Guide: Professional Tourist Guide.
Mode: Entrance not included

Visit the Abbey of Casamari

The Abbey of Casamari in Veroli is symbol of Christianity and famous also for the production of very precious liqueurs by the monks who live in the area. Stylistically speaking, the abbey in question is one of the most significant in Italy.
The architectural structure of the Abbey of Casamari was created to faithfully respect the dictates of monastic life made only of work and prayer. In the eleventh century the building underwent renovation and expansion works.
The complex consists of a building that serves as a guest house with a large entrance and arch; from a church with steps preceded by a portico with three arches. The interior is a Latin cross and extremely sober in perfect harmony with the sober style of the Cistercian monks.

The falls of Isola Liri

Isola Liri owes its name to an island that rises from the river Liri. A town full of works of a religious nature and not only of extreme interest, such as the medieval castle Boncompagni-Viscogliosi which was the rampart erected in defense of the plain, or the Church of San Lorenzo Martire.
The place of greatest interest of this town is that of the waterfalls: near the monastery of San Domenico, the river Liri that comes from the plain of Sora is divided into two enveloping the entire country. The left part feeds the waterfall called Verticale, while the right part give the birth to the Cascata del Valcatoio. The city of Isola Liri is famous for the image of the waterfall in the historic center of the village.

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