Villa d’Este Gardens in Tivoli; masterpiece of the Renaissance

villa d'este

Villa d’Este is one of the most renowned sites near Rome. Located in Tivoli, it was known by the Romans with the name of Tibur. It is particularly rich in architectural, artistic, cultural and scenic beauties. Villa d’Este is a masterpiece of the Renaissance, testimony of that style and imitated throughout Europe. Typical architectural expression of what people know under the name of Giardini all’Italiana.
Our guided visits to Villa d’Este Gardens are an immersion in this magnificent reality, a masterpiece of art and nature named UNESCO heritage in 2001. It is a site able to attract thousands of tourists every year. The tours are structured as follows:

You can customize the tour of Villa d’Este and Tivoli, including others.
Duration: the tours of Villa d’Este have a duration of 2, 3 or 4 hours depending on the requests.
Guide: Professional Tourist Guide.
Mode: Reserved entrance with ticket skipping the line.

Tour of Villa d ‘Este Tivoli

The tours of Villa d’Este in Tivoli inevitably start from the history of the villa that has its roots in the Renaissance: the entire structure was born by the will of Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este, the son of Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso I d’Este duke of Ferrara, who was appointed Governor of Tivoli from 1550.
Ippolito d’Este ordered the construction of the Villa in order to live there and have direct control of everything that happened in that territory. He wished to evoke the same suggestive level represented by Hadrian’s Villa, magnificent home of Emperor Hadrian at the time of the Ancient Rome.
Ippolito called to work on the project the architect Pirro Ligorio; the area chosen was called Gaudente Valley. Villa d’Este of Tivoli was inaugurated in 1572.

What to visit in Villa d’Este

A guided tour of Villa d’Este includes the wonderful garden with fountains; and the Palazzo del Cardinale d’Este. The garden of Villa d’Este is an example of Italian style that in the Renaissance period inspired most of the cohorts in Europe. A style dictated by the rediscovery of classical beauty.
In the garden of Villa d’Este in Tivoli there are fountains, statues, and pergolas making it unique. In particular, the concentration of fountains is one of the hallmarks of the villa. From the Fountain of Venus to that of Bicchierone, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. And then the Fontana dell’Ovato and the Hydraulic Organ, a machine that emitted a sound thanks to a complex hydraulic system.
Then there are the interiors of the villa, the Palazzo del Cardinale d’Este decorated by the greatest artists who were present in that years in Rome. Recommended is the visit to the Hall of Stories of Solomon, the Hall of Arts and Crafts, the Hall of Noah, the Courtyard, the Corner Room, the Bedroom of Cardinal Ippolito d’Este.

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