Typical taverns and restaurants in Tivoli

Typical taverns

Eating in Tivoli means to taste the traditional dishes of tiburtina: those coming from these parts find themselves in contact with a reality in which there is a strong peasant taste. At the base of everything there is simplicity, a concept that is popular here, if you are looking for places to eat.
In Tivoli you can move between characteristic taverns and high-level restaurants. A rich and varied offer able to intercept the demand of each user. Let’s see in detail what are the typical local Tivoli and what kind of cuisine you can choose.

Typical taverns and restaurants in Tivoli

In Tivoli, the concept of a typical restaurant is the most popular; we are in a location with a strong peasant vocation and tavern style places where you can taste the traditional wholesome dishes
To name a few, the Trattoria da Gabriella in Vicolo Santa Croce, a local offering a fixed price menu with the choice between appetizers, starters, seconds, side dishes and desserts. The classic optimal relationship between quality and price.
Then there is Viva L’Oste, an hospitable tavern that offers traditional dishes from Tiburtina kitchen; in particular, the carbonara ravioli and apple pie are excellent. In addition there is also I Maniaci Del Gusto, in via Elio Adriano, known in Tivoli especially for homemade pasta and bread.

Alternative restaurants

But there are not only typical restaurants and taverns in Tivoli. You can also choose from a series of more informal venues, maybe for a quick dinner or an aperitif. For example Il Peccato di Gola, a hot table known for the quality of raw materials and located a few minutes from Villa d’Este, in front of the Alberone di Tivoli.
And again, Reginella in via Sante Viola, in a central position. Here you can enjoy an aperitif or even opt for a quick dinner. The list of informal local in Tivoli is then accompanied by a series of pubs where you can drink craft beers, such as at the Beer Here Craft Beer House, in Piazza Delle Erbe. Such a various choice in such an amazing city.

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