The island of Ponza


A tour of the island of Ponza, in the province of Latina, one of the places most loved by the Romans during the warmer months. A very popular tourist destination that belongs to the Pontine Islands that includes several places of interest to visit.
First of all, the sea and the rocky beaches, typical of these beaches, alternating with coves. There is talk of almost 40 kilometers of indented coastline that goes to life inlets and bays where you can stop to enjoy the view. Many of these can be reached on foot, passing by the rocks, others only with a boat. That in Ponza is essential for a complete and exhaustive tour.
The excursions between the sea, inlets and bays are advisable especially in the summer months, the warmer ones, where you can also enjoy a few hours in one of the many beaches, perhaps savoring a good lunch, given that in these parts dishes based on fish are very appetizing.

What to see in Ponza

But unlike what you usually think, a visit to Ponza does not include only the sea, beaches, bays and various inlets with the beautiful colors that the seascape can offer; there are several other places of interest scattered right from the historic center of Ponza. Here stands the Church of Saints Silverio and Domitilla, which dominates the center and the sea of Ponza with frescoes inspired by the Sistine Chapel.
Then the Bourbon port, wanted by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, a horseshoe structure able to give a suggestive glance; the typical cave houses of the place, dwellings carved into the rock and used since prehistoric times; the Ethnographic Museum of Ponza where you can find a rich historical archive of everything related to the island.

The most evocative places of Ponza

Other suggestive places to visit in Ponza are the Caves of Pilate, real tunnels dug into the rock along the coast close to the clear local waters that can be visited by boat.
The rock of the Turtle, whose name derives from the shape that reminds a tortoise; the natural pools, which are located on a path near the Scoglio della Tartaruga and which are 3 natural pools, a small paradise in which to take a bath.
Basically, the island of Ponza in the province of Latina is a flagship of the Lazio coast; a peaceful place with beautiful scenery, clear sea, suggestive colors, artificial caves and necropolis from the Roman era.

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