The Abbey of Fossanova and the Gardens of Ninfa

ninfa Garden

Two magnificent places set in the territory of Latina about 70 kilometers from Rome. The Abbey of Fossanova and the Gardens of Ninfa, can be visited together during the guided tour: if the former represent a natural monument of the Italian Republic, the most beautiful and romantic gardens in the world as defined by the New York Times, the Abbey of Fossanova is instead an older example of Gothic-Cistercian art.
That’s why these two sites are included in the most beautiful places to visit around Rome, in this case in the province of Latina: both are unique. The tours are structured as follows

You can customize the tour of Ninfa and Fossanova also providing other destinations in the surroundings depending on the tastes of the visitor.
Duration: Ninfa and Fossanova tours can last from 2 to 6 hours depending on the requests.
Place: Appointment to be defined
Guide: Professional Tourist Guide.
Mode: Entrance not included

Visit the Gardens of Ninfa

The Garden of Ninfa is considered a natural monument of the Italian Republic that rises in the territory of Cisterna di Latina. An English style garden, unlike the Italian style represented for example by Villa d’Este Gardens in Tivoli.
The Garden of Ninfa was started by Gelasio Caetani in 1921 in the area where it is thought that, in ancient times, the town of Ninfa disappeared. Today there are only a few ruins visible, but the garden born in the area is the unique example, described by the prestigious American newspaper The New York Times as the “most beautiful and romantic garden in the world“.
About 8 hectares large, inside there are thousands of plants, several streams and the river Ninfa, which owes its name to the namesake lake. A fairytale that worth to be visited.

Visit to the Abbey of Fossanova

The Abbey of Fossanova is the oldest example of Cistercian Gothic art in Italy as well as one of the greatest expressions of this style, together with the Abbey of Casamari. Built in the twelfth century on the remains of what was a Benedictine monastery, the place is also known as the place where died in 1274, St. Thomas Aquinas who decided to spend his last months in Fossanova.
Visiting the Abbey of Fossanova means taking a step back in history. A suggestive place for a guided tour in the province of Latina which can be combined it with a visit to the Garden of Ninfa.

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