Accomodatiion in Tivoli: Tenuta Rosolina

Tenuta Rosolina Tivoli

A few hundred meters from the wonderful Villa Adriana stands the Tenuta Rosolina, built in the early eighteenth century by Francesco Antonio Lolli. In an area dominated by impenetrable forests of holm oaks and oaks, the structure that now houses the estate was born. In such a difficult place the families belonging to the old Tibur decided to build in those places small buildings to be used as hunting lodges whose purpose was to defend from the bad weather, as well as being used as placement from which to shoot animals to hunt.
Buildings with a rectangular plan with numerous windows, just like the one built by the Lolli. The structure in the following century changed its original vocation and became an agricultural farmhouse where to breed animals.

Tenuta Rosolina structure today

Today the Rosolina estate is a company specialized in the manually production of oil. Who resides in this structure can therefore enjoy a restful holiday in contact with the green and, above all, with the flavors of the territory.
Tivoli has always been known for the production of olive oil; and the Rosolina estate follows this tradition and offers its guests an oil, with the Lolli family brand, produced by the olive trees that grow on the land where even today you can admire the remains of Hadrian’s Villa. Because the structure is located a few steps from what was the residence of Emperor Hadrian in the second century AD.

The educational farm

The last part of the Rosolina estate stands on part of the territory on which the villa of Hadrian was once present. The oil produced by the Lolli family derives from the union of different and ancient varieties of olives, some of which were already known in Roman times.
The Rosolina estate also has an educational farm: it is a farm within the company where they periodically organize educational activities involving children and young people. A way to bring young people closer to nature, in contrast with current fashion that sees them increasingly in touch with digital technologies of all sorts.

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