Sperlonga and the Cave of Tiberius

Sperlonga Grotta Tiberio

A place suspended between sea and mountains with white beaches that make it a small paradise even in the summer months. Sperlonga is located in the province of Latina, in the so-called Riviera di Ulisse.
A quiet medieval village, which in recent years has become a tourist center particularly for its crystalline sea. All framed by white houses typical of the sea, villas, a picturesque waterfront and places to visit as in the case of the Cave of Tiberius. You can customize the tour of

Sperlonga also providing other destinations based on the needs of individual groups.
Duration: The tours of Sperlonga can take 2 or 3 hours depending on the requests.
Place: Appointment to be defined.
Guide: Professional Tourist Guide.
Mode: Entrance not included.

Tour of Sperlonga and the Cave of Tiberius

The Cave of Tiberius is a suggestive place to be visited in Sperlonga. We are dealing about the remains of the villa of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, which came to light quite recently, in 1957.
The Cave of Tiberius was annexed to the villa at a later time, after its construction. Inside the cave, in the cavity, you can admire a rectangular basin with a sort of artificial island in the middle. At the time of the Emperor there was a circular pool inside the cave. Also known as the ‘cave of Tiberius’, the cave is part of the villa that was used by the emperor for holiday periods.

National Museum of Sperlonga

The National Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga is a site that collects various finds coming from the area where there was the villa of Tiberius and the cave. It is possible to see marble groups belonging to the II century BC. that evoke the myth of Ulysses, works celebrating the Gens Iulia and decorative elements.
We also recommend a walk in the histocal center of Sperlonga: Sperlonga looks like a small town with white houses that stands on a spur of rock stretched out towards the sea. A jewel set among alleys, stairways, walls and white houses. Walking in the alleys of Sperlonga you can meet with different breathtaking views.

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