Restaurant Totarello in Tivoli

Restaurant Totarello Tivoli

A restaurant located near the center of Tivoli, in Via Nazionale Tiburtina, renowned for being a welcoming place, synonymous of family. The restaurant is linked to the traditions of the past, such as that of the Sunday lunch, which is reported to be particularly well looked after, conceived as it was in the past.
Excellent value for money, considering that the Totarello restaurant specializes in typical local and genuine dishes: all with a courteous staff in a pleasant setting. As it stands out on the restaurant’s web page, “Here the wine shines, drink happily, do not deal with politics and do not blaspheme. When you get up, call the innkeeper and pay”(Totarello, 1930)”

What to eat at Totarello restaurant

The cuisine is homemade and genuine, as mentioned: the real strength of this restaurant. Going to take a look at a typical menu that you can enjoy at the Totarello restaurant in Tivoli, you will find specialties of classic Roman cuisine with innovative proposals and reinterpretations.
All products are selected and are chosen starting from the quality and respect of seasonality. Among the dishes suggested, abbacchio allo scottadito, chunks of fried parmesan cheese, tutarellini, Cacio e pepe with zucchini flowers, handmade meat cannelloni, stewed salted cod with raisins and fresh tomatoes.

Typical traditional dishes

The Totarello restaurant is a historic, informal, family run business in Tivoli; a sort of reinterpretation of the old taverns with a typical and simple cuisine. In addition to those mentioned above, there are fish specialties on request. The cuts of meat are national, Danish and Irish. The pasta is fresh and homemade, as well as desserts.
The wine list is also interesting, offering a wide selection of selected local and national labels. Excellent service and friendliness. The Totarello restaurant is located close to places of interest in Tivoli, especially Hadrian’s Villa.

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