Restaurant Sandrina in Tivoli

Sandrina Tivoli

The Sandrina restaurant in Tivoli is born to unite years of culinary tradition with the experience to reach the final goal: to find the right balance of flavors putting passion in each single dish.
A welcoming location that is located a few steps from Villa d’Este, which is one of the major cultural and artistic sites in Tivoli. The restaurant is frugal, without excessive pretensions, genuine. The dishes are plentiful and prices are not excessive: a place where you feel at home, in close contact with the genuine flavors of the past.

Restaurant menu from Sandrina in Tivoli

At the restaurant at Sandrina in Tivoli it is possible to taste genuine local dishes: from the cheese and salami platters to fresh cheese, burrata and stracciatella; and still warm dishes of the Roman tradition, vegetable pies, polenta flan.
The pasta is homemade and includes spaghetti, tonnarelli, bombolotti, schiaffoni: all typical pasta of the Roman tradition. Then there are maltagliati, cannelloni, pappardelle, ravioli to be seasoned with porcini mushrooms, meat sauce, ricotta, pecorino.
About second dishes we have grilled meats of all kinds, pork, lamb and veal, saltimbocca alla romana. In addition there is also the possibility to taste a good pizza.

Search for genuine flavors

The restaurant at Sandrina is located in the center of Tivoli and serves typical Roman and tiburtine cuisine. A constant search for the genuine flavors of home that have been handed down by families over the years to make every evening unique.
All in the center of Tivoli, in close contact with some of the main places of interest of the town on the outskirts of Rome. The right place for a genuine and homemade meal, without excessive pretensions. The restaurant at Sandrina is located in Via Due Giugno 12 in Tivoli.

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