Restaurant in Tivoli: Osteria La Briciola

La Briciola Tivoli

A traditional cuisine restaurant in part revisited where you can savor the taste of conviviality with the feeling of being at home. The Osteria La Briciola restaurant was created to offer its customers traditional dishes of traditional cuisine in a context that is at the same time genuine, without giving up the elegance of the details.
The restaurant is located on the Tiburtina Valeria state road at km 36, easily reachable also for those coming from Rome. The Osteria La Briciola offers a cuisine that meets local tradition with a certain refinement: a combination of refinement and authenticity for those looking for real flavors, linked to the tiburtina tradition, but served with style.

A restaurant between tradition and refinement

The Osteria La Briciola restaurant is housed in a restaurant that has been carefully selected and refined; in summer you can taste the local cuisine even at a terrace with stunning views of the surrounding green hills.
What distinguishes the restaurant Osteria La Briciola in Tivoli is the choice of raw materials as well as the combinations of taste that lead to propose absolutely original dishes. Everything can be accompanied by a good glass of wine, as the restaurant’s wine cellar is full of quality labels.
A special and refined place, for a choice of value that goes beyond simply stopping to enjoy local dishes. The kitchen of the Osteria La Briciola can offer refined genuine solutions.

What to eat at the Osteria La Briciola in Tivoli

The menu of the Osteria La Briciola is rather large to meet the tastes and needs of the customer: among the most popular dishes stand out the tortelloni stuffed with Fiocco della Tuscia, which are made with mushrooms and hazelnut grains; ravioli stuffed with squid with potato foam and zest of candied lemons; Squid with pink Ponza shrimp and Bronte pistachio cream.
As for the second courses instead, to report the roast lamb with potatoes; the roasted sea bass on creamy parsley flavored with mint; wheat muscle with porcini mushrooms.
Is then available a wide variety of sweets for all tastes. Finally, it should be noted that at the Osteria La Briciola in Tivoli there are several gluten free specialties.

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