Restaurant in Tivoli: Il Ciocco

A suggestive location for a restaurant in Tivoli entirely built into a limestone rock wall with a striking view of the Gregorian Baths. This is the Ciocco restaurant, a location totally immersed in the greenery of the splendid Villa Gregoriana, a natural park also recognized by FAI, the Italian Environment Fund.
The Ciocco is a pizzeria restaurant in Tivoli, in via Ponte Gregoriano, whose strength is the optimal relationship between quality and price: an original and refined location that is not surprisingly ideal for baptisms, communions, marriages in Tivoli and other ceremonies.
The Ciocco is today one of the most popular restaurants in the area: a typical cuisine and pizzeria with wood-burning oven, panoramic terrace overlooking the waterfalls of the Villa Gregoriana, restaurant inserted in the caves of the Villa Gregoriana.

Restaurant Il Ciocco in Tivoli

The Ciocco can provide customers with a large internal room; and two terraces from which it is possible to admire the suggestive panorama made of waterfalls, Gregorian baths and suggestive remains of the Temple of Vesta built in Roman times.
Here typical products can be tasted comfortably seated and in close contact with some of the most popular sites in Tivoli. On these terraces are often organized events, private parties, tastings, banquets and weddings.
The restaurant area can accommodate over 250 people and praises a typical high-level cuisine that can be accompanied by an extensive wine list.

Location with a rock wall

The location as mentioned is very suggestive, set in a limestone rock wall with various findings to give the hall a historical importance that has its roots in the ancient events of the old Tibur.
The cuisine is typical local and therefore follows the culinary traditions of Tivoli; an enogastronomic culture that has always been one of the strong points of this territory. The Ciocco restaurant is able to maintain these principles by proposing such ancient traditions in a truly evocative context; and giving them a taste of modernity with regard to preparation, refinement and food pairings. A restaurant for those are looking for places to eat in Tivoli.

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