Restaurant in Tivoli: Ape 50

Ape 50 Tivoli

A young, sparkling, colorful location on Via Ponte Gregoriano, exactly on the uphill part that leads from the bridge Gregoriano to the historic center of Tivoli. Ape 50 is a so-called street restaurant that is right here, with products at km 0 and an extensive list of craft beers.
Being a street restaurant their specialities are sandwiches: they are prepared is normal size or King version. You can enjoy them from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday is closing day). Just to name a few, we talk about sandwiches with Alto Adige ham, fontina and pink sauce; vegan sandwich with grilled aubergines, smoked scamorza, genovese pesto and tomato sauce.

The dishes of the Ape 50

But not only sandwiches, at the street restaurant Ape 50 you can also taste first and second courses, fried, meatballs and desserts. All in low cost version, for a simple meal without excessive pretensions.
One speaks for example of the artisanal fried that start from 1 euro; or mortadella pistachio and potato meatballs. For lovers of vegan cuisine then, to mention the carpaccio seitan with ginger, rocket, tomato, taggiasche olives, vegan mayonnaise and chopped pistachio.
An articulated proposal made of king super stuffed sandwiches, fried, typical dishes, first courses, main courses but also delicate and refined cuisine for lovers of vegan philosophy.

The street food philosophy in Tivoli

Tivoli Ape 50 is an alternative to restaurants offering typical local cuisine. At the base there is a new philosophy, that of street food, which provides quick meals but still quality. From simple sandwiches to other delicious delicacies, such as polenta, squid meatballs for example; one of the peculiarities of this place.
All within a delightful and welcoming, with various prints depicting the Ape 50 (from which the restaurant takes its name) and with the ever-present staff to advise and support the customer in all his needs.

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