Restaurant Il Borghetto in Tivoli

Il BorghettoTivoli

A local warm and welcoming family run business set in Tivoli near places of great interest such as Villa Gregoriana, the Temple of Vesta and that of the Sibyl. The Borghetto restaurant is a landmark in Tivoli that was born with the desire to serve customers local tiburtine specialties based on genuine ingredients.
A home-cooked food in perfect line with the family management of the restaurant that tends to confer an aura of authenticity and simplicity. At the Borghetto restaurant you can taste some typical dishes of Tivoli such as coratella with artichokes and saltimbocca alla romana.

What to eat at the Borghetto restaurant

Among the other dishes that you can taste at the restaurant Il Borghetto in Tivoli you can mention all the pasta dishes made strictly by hand: among them, gnocchi with castrato sauce or spaghetti alla chitarra. And even spaghetti aglio olio and peperoncino, rigatoni alla Carbonara typical of traditional Roman cuisine, fettuccine with porcini mushrooms, tomato and basil ravioli, agnolotti. Everything as mentioned strictly handmade.
Then there are particular menus, some of which on the occasion of anniversaries such as Easter or holidays linked to the local tradition. To enrich the offer of the Borghetto restaurant it offers grilled meats and a cellar full of Tuscan and Lazio DOC wines.

How to get to the Il Borghetto restaurant in Tivoli

The restaurant Il Borghetto is located precisely in via dei Sosii, near the Aniene river. Reaching it is extremely easy moving practically from all the main tourist attractions of the city.
The Borghetto restaurant has been present in Tivoli for over 15 years and has always been a testimony to authenticity; a philosophy that starts from the desire to offer traditional Roman and tiburtina dishes with exclusive use of homemade ingredients.
One of the recommended places to refresh yourself, maybe if you are in Tivoli for a tourist visit; or even for a lunch or a dinner outside the city, starting from Rome, in an artistic and naturalistic context of sure impact.

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