Restaurant Avec 55 in Tivoli

Avec 55 in Tivoli

A modern restaurant whose full name is “Avec55 – Laboratorio di cucina” managed by the local chef Raoul Reperi. Avec55 is a denomination inspired by the French language, where ‘avec’ has the meaning of ‘with’ in the sense of union, being together; and 55 is simply the house number to which the restaurant can be found on the Via Domenico Giuliani in Tivoli.
As the expression ‘laboratorio di cucina’ indicates, the local wishes to be a cutting-edge place in which to experiment products and recipes looking for a product of absolute quality. An innovative cuisine therefore, but still linked to the local traditions of Tivoli.

Innovative cuisine with an evolving menu

In addition to being innovative, the cuisine proposed by the AVec55 restaurant in Tivoli is also particularly light: the menu is constantly evolving, tending to change and not based on a limited number of dishes. An original and varied gastronomic proposal based mainly on fish.
Some examples of dishes that can be tasted at the AVec55 restaurant are tuna cooked at low temperature in oil with Greek salad and beaten pantesco; the Carnaroli risotto with turmeric with mussels and caciocavallo Silano; steamed baccalá on wholemeal panzanella; the cannoncini of vegetables cooked in crispy Parmigiano wafer.

An alternative restaurant compared to traditional cuisine

The AVec55 kitchen is small but open-plan, with a white counter dividing the oriental-style restaurant surroundings. All this gives the room an informal appearance. An innovative and courageous concept because proposing creative and innovative cuisine, in a territory of the province is always a double-edged sword. The menus also change according to the rhythms of the seasons, but also proposing occasionally dish off the menu. A real experimental laboratory in the heart of Tivoli, an alternative place to traditional local cuisine.

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