Parco Laghi dei Reali restaurant

parco laghi tivoli

A restaurant located in Tivoli, just outside the historic center and near the wonderful Villa Gregoriana, also known as the Park of the Villa Gregoriana and recognized by the Fai, Fund for the Italian environment.
The Parco Laghi dei Reali is immersed in the greenery of the Aniene Valley with many pools, waterfalls, and two lakes with a plant fed with water from the river that flows there. It is in this park, between the two lakes, that the family-run restaurant has been established for over 30 years.
What the Parco Laghi dei Reali restaurant proposes is a cuisine in line with the culinary traditions of the place, therefore of Tivoli. A rustic-looking place that is also ideal for hosting a wedding ceremony for those are planning to get married in Tivoli.

Also ideal for getting married in Tivoli

Wedding receptions but also a simple dinner of any kind. Right below the natural reserve of Monte Catillo, spread over 5 hectares and with over 30 years of history behind it, the Parco Laghi dei Reali is ideal for those looking for a place to eat well in Tivoli tasting typical dishes and vocation homemade.
The location consists of a restaurant with three dining rooms for a total maximum capacity of 50-80-180 covered; a Garden overlooking Lake Cascate that can accommodate 140 seats or be used as an aperitif; a veranda, with a maximum capacity of 200 seats.
Ideal for a romantic place since the structure, mainly made of wood, is located in the middle of two wonderful lakes.

Farm and educational farm

The services that can be requested at the Parco Laghi dei Reali restaurant range from simple lunches or dinners to wedding ceremonies for all seasons. The Parco Laghi dei Reali is also a farm and educational farm.
In particular the Parco Laghi dei Reali agricultural company specializes in fish farming, taking care in particular of trout, spring char, European crayfish, sturgeons, eels and capitoni.
The same structure has been built respecting the surrounding environment using natural water convoys for the breeding tanks that have been designed and made of cement to facilitate the flow of water and avoid sedimentation

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