Accomodation in Tivoli: Palazzo Maggiore

Palazzo Maggiore

An easy solution for sleeping in Tivoli; an apartment that rises in a house of 1500 right in the heart of the city. Palazzo Maggiore, this is the name of the structure used as a bed and breakfast, located adjacent to the prestigious Via del Corso and is designed to be a smart solution but at the same time elegant and refined.
Elegant in every detail and in the balance between present and past, this apartment is located just 5 minutes walk from the center, from Villa d’Este and Villa Gregoriana. It has two large double bedrooms with private bathroom and a small terrace where you can enjoy the panorama of the city of Tivoli.

Apartment and Bed and Breakfast

The Palazzo Maggiore apartment in Tivoli combines comfort and elegance; rises as mentioned in a context of the sixteenth century and each room has antique furniture and ceilings with exposed wooden beams. Being rented as a bed and breakfast, the property offers a breakfast with typical local products, including local meats and cheeses.
Coming out of the building you will immediately find yourself in the historic center of Tivoli with all its beauties: alleys and squares, which, like a mosaic, are set in place to provide a framework of great impact. And then the many churches, another reason why Tivoli is known in the world and among tourists everywhere.

A few minutes from the main places of interest

But Tivoli is famous above all for its villas: they are 3 and all requested by tourists who come here on holiday. Staying at the Palazzo Maggiore apartment is a convenient solution to take guided tours to Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana, the two most visited monuments in Tivoli and both included by UNESCO in the world heritage sites.
Then there is Villa Gregoriana, a natural park, to close the circle. All destinations easily reachable from the location where the Palazzo Maggiore apartment is located. Precisely located in via Domenico Giuliani right in the center, a few steps from Villa Gregoriana and only five minutes walk from Villa d’Este. For a stay in Tivoli in complete relaxation and simplicity.

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