A visit to Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica

It is one of the most popular tours in the province of Rome, a leap into the past. A site able to give unique emotions. Ostia Antica is an archaeological park considered one of the most important cultural complexes in the area around Rome and Lazio.
We are talking about an area where a Roman city stood about 2000 years ago, given the particularly position of Ostia; a few meters from the sea, a factor that attracted the attention of the ancient Romans who made it a base for commercial and military activities. Ostia became, for a long time, the most important port of the Roman Empire, until the barbarian invasions that changed its role and marked its decline.

What to see in Ostia Antica

Today it is possible to visit the ruins of Ostia Antica and be surprised about how much everything has remained in an optimal state of conservation: this is when a tour of the archaeological area can bring the visitor back in time, to give him the real sense of how life could have happened 2000 years ago in that context.
There are multiple places to be visited in Ostia Antica: the Terme di Nettuno known for the presence of ancient mosaics; the Theater, where even today cultural events of various kinds are shown in the summer months, when Ostia manages to give its best. And again, the house of Diana, the Thermopolium, an ancient site where the Romans were refreshing themselves with hot drinks; the Capitolium; the Basilica.

A jump back of 2000 years

A jump back in history for a site of enormous archaeological and cultural value. By visiting Ostia Antica you can come into contact with the only examples today of public baths and condominiums, first examples of apartments that already in the fourth century BC. the Romans used to live.
A suggestive excursion, ideal for lovers of history and art, which can also include a visit to the medieval village of the city. In summer, the tour of Ostia Antica can be accompanied by a pleasant walk by the sea, perhaps tasting a good plate of pasta with fish in one of the locals along the beach.

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