Lucrezia Borgia, mother of Cardinal Ippolito d’Este

Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia Borgia history 

Lucrezia Borgia, mother of Cardinal Ippolito d’Este is one of the most famous female figures of the Renaissance. Lucrezia Borgia was born in Subiaco in 1480 and died in Ferrara at the age of 39 in 1519. The illegitimate daughter of Rodrigo Borgia, the future Pope Alexander VI and Vanessa Cattanei who was a lover of Rodrigo Borgia for 15 years.
From her early age, she had to give up to his father’s political ambitions. So she married Giovanni Sforza at the age of 12, a marriage later annulled to permit the second marriage with Alfonso d’Aragona, who was later killed by Lucrezia’s brother, Cesare Borgia. His third and final marriage was with Duke Alfonso I D’Este, a marriage also combined and from which Ippolito II d’Este was born.
At the Este court, Lucrezia acquires fame for her skillful politics and diplomatic shrewdness. She was a cultured woman and welcomed poets and artists to her court. In 1512 Lucrezia, a woman who was also deeply religious enrolled in the Franciscan Order of Santa Caterina and San Bernardino da Siena. He died at 39 for complications due to childbirth.

The figure of Lucrezia over the times

In 1800 the figure of Lucrezia starts changing, she started to be considered as the symbol of a ruthless and corrupt politics to which is added the poisoning fame. This is due to the tragedy of Victor Hugo where Lucrezia Borgia is associated with the figure of “femme fatale” involved in the crimes committed by her family.

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