Lake of Piediluco at the foot of the Sacred Wood


A wonderful lake that rises in one of the most beautiful and suggestive villages of Italy. We are in the province of Rieti, not far from Rome Piediluco is a fraction of Terni, city of Umbria, but the homonymous lake touches two different regions. Lazio and Umbria.
The Piediluco Lake is an extremely suggestive place whose name literally means ‘at the foot of the sacred wood’. A basin of water that recalls those of Alpine memory, with colorful and low houses, wooded reliefs, postcard views. It is possible to customize the tour of the Piediluco Lake also providing other destinations according to the needs of the individual groups.

Duration: The tours of the Lake of Piediluco have a duration of 2 or 3 hours depending on the requests.
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Guide: Professional Tour Guide enabled.
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Visit of Piediluco Lake

The Lake of Piediluco is very reminiscent of an Alpine landscape, nestled among green hills, almost an artificial context, for a suggestive visit that attracts thousands of curious people from all over the world every year.
The Piediluco Lake is also the ideal destination for sports enthusiasts of all kinds, such as sailing, rowing and water skiing. From the center of the lake you can also enjoy a visit not to be missed in the homonymous village of Piediluco. The fishing village, so it is called the village that rises around the lake, with low houses with colorful facades. Here are also the remains of Roccaretta, built in the eleventh century to defend the territories of Sabina.

The Church of San Francesco

Another place that worth to be visited on a guided tour is the Church of San Francesco, testimony of the passage of the saint in this area, in Piediluco, in 1338. In the surroundings of Piediluco you can visit Villalago, a historic nineteenth-century residence with a park from where you can enjoy the view of the lake from an alternative angle.
Near Piediluco there are aslo the Cascate delle Marmore, among the highest in Europe with a total difference in height of 165 meters. A place that, over the centuries, has been appreciated among others by Cicero, Pliny and Galileo.

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