Labro and the Castle: an evocative tour in the heart of Rieti


A landscape that seems unreal that rises in the surroundings of Rieti, a land of monasteries. Few other places are able to convey this feeling of fairytale place like the village of Labro, which stands on top of spur with Mount Terminillo in the background.
A suggestive view framed by woods, forests and peaks that in winter are covered with snow that makes everything evocative. We recommend to visit Labro Medieval Castle. You can customize the Labro tour by also providing other destinations based on the needs of individual groups.

Duration: Labro tours have a duration of 2 or 3 hours depending on the requests.
Place: Appointment to be defined.
Guide: Professional Tourist Guide.
Mode: Entrance not included

The Village of Labro

Labro is today an incredibly suggestive village with a postcard charm; all around the valley of the Fuscello there are the mountains of Reti and Mount Terminillo. Labro rises on the shores of Lake Piediluco. Interesting is its reflex on the water lake.
The entire medieval village has recently been renovated: the historic center of Labro and the various religious buildings on the territory worth to be visited. Among these, the parish Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the former Franciscan convent, the church of the Madonna della Neve, the Chapel of the Rosary.

Visit to the castle of Labro

But the best known place of Labro, symbol of this village, is the castle that stands on the town. The building stands on the defense walls of the ancient fortress and the rooms are still furnished. The building is still inhabited by the Nobili Vitelleschi family.
The Castle of Labro can be visited with a guided tour to have a marvellous experience with the history of the place, from the X and XI centuries when the building was built to be a fortified fortress. It was only in the Renaissance, when the fortress was ceded to the Vitelleschi and Labro became part of the governorship of Poggio Bustone, that the fortress was turned into a Castle / building still visible today.

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