La Belle Epoque restaurant in Tivoli

belle epoque tivoli

A small and cozy restaurant located in the historic center of Tivoli: the restaurant La Belle Epoque offers its customers traditional local products processed and served in a particular way.
At the base of all there are the products of the culture of Tivoli, then the local brands: the menus proposed by the restaurant are based on fresh fish and highly selected meat. Because of its location, the restaurant allows you to enjoy the art and history of this wonderful place that is Tivoli, just outside Rome. You can also go to the Belle Epoque restaurant to enjoy aperitifs and cocktails, not just to enjoy the kitchen service.

What to eat at the Belle Epoque restaurant

What are the main typical dishes that can be enjoyed at the Belle Epoque restaurant in Tivoli? We mainly talk about fresh fish and raw fish specialties; earthy dishes made with porcini mushrooms and truffles according to the current season; homemade pasta such as gnocchi, tagliatelle, pappardelle; cuts of meat of all kinds; homemade sweets.
A particular cuisine, a mixture of typical tiburtine products and new trends in culinary matters. Everything is able to give life to innovative dishes that are at the same time linked to the tradition of Tivoli in the field of food and wine products.

Local traditions and innovative combinations

The Belle Epoque restaurant is located in the historic center of Tivoli, precisely in the immediate vicinity of Piazza delle Erbe. The restaurant uses traditional ingredients closely linked to local cuisine; everything starts from the use of tiburtine crops and local ingredients to prepare food.
The other peculiarity of the restaurant is to give life to original dishes that come from innovative combinations sometimes even curious; those who go to the Belle Epoque restaurant in Tivoli will be able to experiment with particular, pungent and avant-garde flavors. All immersed in the context of Tivoli, with all the suggestions that this place is able to guarantee from an artistic, historical and cultural point of view.

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