How to reach Tivoli Gardens/ Villa d’Este by Car

The Villa d’Este is 30 kilometers from Rome and the ride will take about one hour or half an hour. It depends on the road you choose.
There are two options:

  1. Highway A24 direction l’Aquila, exit: Tivoli (road with toll payment; 5 euro roundtrip), it takes half an hour.
  2. Road Via Tiburtina until Tivoli, free from toll, but generally busier.


In Tivoli, there is the possibility to park your car 5/ 10 minutes walk to Villa d’Este. Parking fee is about 1 euro per hour. These parks are in Tivoli center, very valuable for the position. For free parking you must reach Tivoli periphery, 30 / 40 minutes walk to Villa d’Este.

How to reach Villa d’Este by Train

Public Company Name: Ferrovie dello Stato (FS). (DO NOT look for Italo or Freccia Rossa). Trains depart approximately from Roma Tiburtina Station every hour. Check on the departures display, trains headed: Tivoli, Pescara or Avezzano. Make sure these latter stop at Tivoli.
There are also trains available from Roma Termini Station, but their timetables are limited in the early morning or in the late afternoon. Recommended only if you need to come back in Rome around 8:00 PM. Anyway take a look at the timetables for both the stations.

How does the trip take?

Your trip will take about an hour whenever you choose for Roma Tiburtina Station or Roma Termini Station.

Where to buy the tickets?

Tickets are sold by special machines, but they are also available by Newsagents’ shops or Tobacconist’s shops.

Tickets costs

Prices are around 2/3 euro per ride.We recommend buying the one-day pass ticket: BIRG ticket, its cost is 8 euro.
It can be used limitless for trains, subway and buses in Rome and also to reach Tivoli.
Each ticket must be validated before to get on the train.

Terms of payment

Tickets machines accept cash and cards. Newsagents and Tobacconist’s shops accept only cash.

Once in Tivoli

Train Station is 10/15 minutes walk from the City Center and Villa d’Este.

How to reach Villa d’Este by Public bus

Public Company Name: COTRAL. (Blue buses). Buses depart approximately from Ponte Mammolo Terminal every 15 minutes.
You can reach Ponte Mammolo by Metro B: stop Ponte Mammolo. The ride will take about one hour. There are two options:

  1. The bus headed Roma-Tivoli A24. It takes about 45 minutes.
  2. The bus headed Roma-Tivoli Via Tiburtina. It takes an hour.

How to reach Tivoli Gardens with a Private Driver

It is also available a private transfer from Rome to Tivoli Gardens to visit Villa d’Este. You can have a fantastic day trip to Tivoli Gardens with a private driver picking you up at your hotel in Rome. On your request, you can also require a personal tour guide meeting you at the hotel for a full day tour.
For any kind of information please do not hesitate to send us an email requiring a private driver and a private tour guide. We recommend a private driver because if you wish to visit also Hadrian’s Villa is 5 kilometers from Villa d’Este Gardens.