Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli

Villa Adriana

A tour in a place that preserves an important historical memory: we are in Tivoli, a few kilometers from Rome, a place known for the architectural and cultural beauties present. In particular, Tivoli is known for the triptych of villas, one of which is the Hadrian’s Villa.
The name of the building introduces us to the history of this villa which was built in the 2nd century AD. from one of the most famous and important figures of Ancient Rome: the Emperor Hadrian, also known for his aesthetic taste. The Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli became his home with the goal of being a testimony of pomp and magnificence.
The area on which the villa stood was extremely large, about 120 hectares of which 40 are still visible today. Hadrian’s Villa of Tivoli is the largest Roman villa among those found and a guided tour of its remains is an experience of great artistic and cultural value.

What to see in Hadrian’s Villa

Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli has been named a World Heritage Site and included among the UNESCO protected sites. Taking a guided tour of Hadrian’s Villa means getting lost in this magnificent Roman-era home that belonged to Emperor Hadrian.
The work for the construction of the villa began from 117 AD and lasted for about 20 years. The Emperor Hadrian had chosen Tivoli as a place to rest because of its proximity to Rome and the presence of thermal waters with notoriously beneficial properties. During the following centuries many people of the Roman nobility chose this peaceful place a few kilometers from Rome as a destination to spend their holidays.
On a visit to Hadrian’s Villa, as it appears today, you can see places such as the Greek Theater, the Hall of Philosophers, the Stadium, the Golden Square and the Academy. Besides these, Hadrian’s Villa also guards secrets and particular itineraries.

Particular itineraries of Hadrian’s Villa

The underground city: under the villa there would be another not visible building formed by a series of tunnels dug in depth. It is thought that once these tunnels had a specific purpose and that therefore under the villa there was a sort of underground city.
The large libraries and the Cento Camerelle are of great interest to Hadrian’s Villa: the first are characterized by two large buildings connected by a portico. The Greek Library and the Latin Library. The Cento Camerelle are formed by a massive structure of about 300 meters in length and 15 in height that was born to support the esplanade of the Pecile. This latter was created by the will of Hadrian Emperor as a memory and commemoration of the Stoà Pecile of Athens.
Many places of historical, artistic, scenic interest that you can visit during a tour of Hadrian’s Villa of Tivoli, coming into contact with the magic of the place.

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