The visitor center offers everyday guided visits in Tivoli Gardens and in the city of Tivoli. There is a seasonal program activity inside the Villa d’Este including thematic tours of the Villa and walks in the gardens.
There are also specialist talks for groups. Pre-book a variety of fascinating topics about Villa d’Este and The Cardinal Ippolito d’Este.

Guide Rates: Minimum 15 person.
Entry to Villa d’Este and the Gardens entrance fee is valid for one entrance only

Villa d’Este Gardens not guided visits:

Standard entrance is:

  • Childern
  • Adults
  • EU Citizens
  • Foreigners
  • Schools

Villa d’Este Gardens private guided visits:

  • Include a private guided tour to Tivoli Gardens with an official tour guide.
  • Available under every day at the time of your preference.
  • Tour is available in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Other languages will require at least 15 days of pre-booking.
  • Coaches can drive the group to the closest drop-off, just 5 minutes walking from the Villa d’Este.
  • Tour lasts about two hours and must be pre-booked in advance and it is subject to availability. Please ensure that you will inform our
  • Tour Guide department in advance to book your Private Guided tour in Villa d’Este.

Enabled Tourist Guide Prices:

The following prices are addressed to individuals or groups (from 1 to 20 people) for guided tours in Villa d’Este.

  • 170.00 € – half day (2 h)
  • 90.00 € – Villa d’Este by night visit

Price may vary according to supplements:

  • 3,00€ per person over the 30 people in groups

If you need earphones there is a supplement of:

  • 2,00 € / day – half day (2 hours)
  • 3.50 € / day – full day (4/6 hours)

In addition the price for reservation fee is:

  • 1,00 Euro per person depending on the period

Special Talk and Thematic Guided Tour

The thematic tour and talks are specific events that need to be pre-booked in advance. This kind of activity is highly recommended for specific groups, such as groups of architects, gardens lovers, artist painters, musicians. Or for who wish to know more about a specific topic.

For any information feel free to send an email to