Ghiozzi: a typical dish of Tivoli


For those who live by these or are familiar with the cuisine and traditions of Tivoli the term will not be entirely new. We are talking about Ghiozzi, a typical dish Tivoli’s cuisine characterized by great culinary versatility.
For some years now, a so-called ‘delli ghiozzi’ festival has been held every year: a gastronomic festival that involves everyone, citizens and tourists. During the event, on the streets stalls of various goods are prepared, street food, rides and anything else which makes color and choreography.
This year the festival of the Ghiozzi took place in the middle of summer, between 7 and 9 July; the one that went on stage was the eleventh edition of the festival. But let’s see what the Ghiozzi are and how they can be used in the kitchen.

Typical pasta of Tivoli cuisine

When we talk about Ghiozzi we refer to a particular type of dry pasta typical of these areas. The peculiarity of this pasta is to blend well with all the variations of seasoning, even if in most cases the Ghiozzi are served with an Arrabbiata sauce. The ideal combination.
Because of their shape, similar to vermicelli but a bit “more fat” and short are particularly suitable to absorb and collect sauces. Basically, a type of home-made pasta which has become the trademark of the Tiburtina kitchen.

Other typical dishes of Tivoli

A dish to savor perhaps accompanied by other typical recipes of Tivoli. Like a good red wine of the local tradition, of Tivoli or maybe a Lazio wine. In Tivoli there are several local wineries and many wine producers.
What is certain is that the Ghiozzi are a delicacy of local cuisine; a faithful expression of this territory capable of producing goodness on the table. Tivoli is not only the architectural, artistic, natural and landscape wonders now known and recognized by the international community. It is also a cradle of ancient traditions, including food and wine and culinary traditions.
Among the typical dishes of Tivoli, next to the pizzutello grapes, the pangiallo, the scafata and the pizza cresciuta, there are the Ghiozzi; a type of pasta much loved and appreciated by these beaches and that, once a year, is celebrated with a special festival.

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