Getting married in Tivoli: a suggestive idea

To crown the dream of a lifetime, to arrive at the moment of the fateful ‘yes’ and to do it in a unique dream scenario. It is the desire of many, at least of those who put marriage between the goals of their existence. And speaking of dream locations there are not only the ‘classic’ Rome, Florence, Venice, Capri, etc … even Tivoli is a very popular destination for weddings.
Beyond villas and private locations there are many enchanted places that can be the perfect setting for the wedding day. Tivoli, with its many beautiful landscapes, natural, historical and architectural has for some time been considered a so-called wedding destination: therefore a suitable place to celebrate weddings even with a civil ceremony.

Public locations and private facilities

Tivoli by its nature and conformation lends itself in an excellent way to host locations such as cottages and farmhouses; the territory is full of them, many of them are really excellent and can be the ideal place for wedding. But Tivoli is famous in the world for its historical and landscape beauties; and then it may be interesting to decide to marry, for example, at Villa Gregoriana, the naturalistic park managed by Fai (Italian Environment Fund).
And again, choose the Acropolis Terrace with the background of the temples; the area of Manlio Vopisco; the upper Belvedere of the Great Cascade. Many enchanting places in close contact with nature and able to give not indifferent suggestions.

How to get married in Tivoli

So Tivoli, known for being a tourist destination, become a place suitable for weddings too; getting married in Tivoli is a stimulating idea considering also the proximity to Rome that facilitates the movement of guests and that can suggest to combine the trip with a visit to the capital.
The place offers a series of farmhouses, villas, castles and historic homes to choose from; structures suitable for different types of marriage. For information on ceremonies in public places such as Villa Gregoriana you can directly contact the wedding office of the Municipality of Tivoli or the Park Villa Gregoriana.
But not just Villa Gregoriana, because if you decide to get married in Tivoli with a civil ceremony you can also choose the suggestive Villa d’Este, a masterpiece of Mannerism and Baroque with its gardens and fountains; or in the magnificent Villa Adriana, among the large rooms of the structure or in the immense garden. Many opportunities for a dreamy wedding immersed in a context of inestimable historical, cultural and architectural value.

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