The wonder of the Gardens of Ninfa

Giardini di Ninfa

The most romantic garden in the world, as defined by the prestigious New York Times newspaper, is the Garden of Ninfa, a natural monument located in Cisterna di Latina. An English garden that rises on what was, in the Middle Ages, the area of the disappeared city of Ninfa. Today is possible to visit only the ruins.
A magical place to visit during a tour of the most beautiful places in Latina and its province. An enchanted garden that throws the visitor into another era, almost in a fairytale dimension. Ninfa was, in Roman times, a small village of farmers; it is in the Middle Ages that the town was structured as it now appears, with its mills, the workshops of the artisans, the churches, the walls, the watch towers.

The botanical garden of Ninfa

The botanical garden of Ninfa was begun to be built in the 20s by the Caetani family: it intervened with the reclamation of the entire area, with the restoration of the ruins and with the introduction of plants of all kinds, especially exotic and coming from the Caetani family’s travels abroad.
The result is the one visible today, a fairytale scenery with several ponds, colorful flowers and plants of all kinds and fountains. To be precise, there are more than 1300 species of plants present within the garden distributed in about 8 hectares of land.
Since 2000 the area has been declared a naturalistic monument and the New York Times defined the garden as the most beautiful and romantic in the world.

The ancient city of Ninfa

Ninfa in ancient times was a village defended by walls surrounded by houses of farmers with mills, attics, barns; to complete the frame there were several churches, bridges and a castle. An enchanted town, like a large crib that owes its name to a temple on a small island that, in Roman times, stood here and was dedicated to the Naiads.
Over the centuries, the city of Ninfa with its marvelous scenery has fascinated artists, poets, writers such as Virginia Woolf, D’Annunzio and Ungaretti. To preserve it at its best, the garden of Ninfa is not always open and therefore it is not always open to visitors; who decides to make a tour in this wonderful place in the province of Latina must be subject to opening hours and rules that are established periodically.

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