Enoteca Gadì in Tivoli


A welcoming restaurant where you can taste typical food and wine products of the local cuisine with particular regard to wines, since it is possible to experiment with labels of all kinds. All set in a wonderful context, like that of Tivoli visible from the windows of the room.
Enoteca Gadì is an ideal place for business appointments, company meetings or events for a certain level: a place in which food and wine finds fertile ground and where it is also possible to compete with the qualitative dissemination of the world of wines.
The philosophy of the restaurant is to offer wines and food and wine products of every kind, not only Italian; all with great passion and care for the customer.

A symbolic place for food and wine products

A refined environment where you can taste wines in one of the most evocative villages of Italy, such as Tivoli. The name of the Enoteca, Gadì, comes from a very aromatic and dry Moscato of Salvatore Murana: a 360 degree passion for wines to the point that at the Enoteca Gadì as well as being able to taste bottles of all kinds are organized periodically courses and enogastronomic events.
A path of steady growth that has continued over time and that has made today the Enoteca Gadì as a symbol of good drinking around Rome. An almost obligatory destination for all those who are in the area and have a passion for food and wine products.

What to taste at the Enoteca Gadì

What products can be tasted at the Enoteca Gadì in Tivoli? Many wine labels from all over the world, you can find a wide selection of Italian and non-Italian whiskeys and spirits: all to match with delicacies such as cheese, salami, seasonal fruit, extra virgin olive oil.
The highlight of the restaurant is obviously represented by the wines, crammed into a historic cellar and able to meet every need: some labels are real rarity, ‘goodies’ for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Enoteca Gadì also offers the possibility to purchase products in exclusive packages for customers. A place that will certainly attract the attention of all wine lovers visiting Tivoli.

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