Enogatronomic tours in Tivoli

prodotti tipici tivoli

Tivoli is located a few kilometers from Rome, easily accessible via the Tiburtina road; a reality full of charm, culture and traditions also from the point of view of food and wine. There are lots of typical restaurants, taverns and places where you can taste traditional products and ‘tiburtina’ dishes.
These are above all simple and genuine recipes, similar to the Roman enogastronomic tradition; and with a strong popular taste, typical of the culture of these lands. A guided tour in Tivoli can be an opportunity to combine a gastronomic tour to discover ancient flavours with an unmistakable taste. Let’s see what to eat in Tivoli.

The extra virgin olive oil from Tivoli

What distinguishes this local reality set in the green and a few kilometers from the capital is its peasant and popular connotation that is based on the processing of typical products of the earth. Above all, olive oil. It is a famous extra virgin olive oil that finds in this territory so natural the ideal humus to proliferate. Tivoli’s is an oil characterized by incomparable levels of lightness also due to a very low, almost non-existent level of acidity.
Throughout the Tivoli territory is possible to find many companies that produce extra virgin olive oil of high level. It is not by chance that there is the DOP name for extra virgin olive oil from the Tivoli’s lands. The oil is golden-yellow with shades of green, with a fruity smell and a slightly bitterish back taste.
A product that in the past represented the staple food of the local populations and, consequently, one of the most abundant products in the cultivations. Today the oil production is constantly increasing and represents one of the excellence of Tivoli.

Other typical products of Tivoli

But eating in Tivoli is not just olive oil; like every typical Italian town there are many dishes related to the local tradition. The pizzutello grape for example. So named for its conical shape, it is a variety of both white and black grapes typical of these areas. Because its abundance since 1845, the day in which Pope Gregory XVI was in Tivoli, once a year is celebrated the Pizzutello Festival.
Other typical tiburtini dishes are the pangiallo, a typical dessert of popular cuisine based on honey, dried fruit, sultanas, bitter cocoa, dark chocolate and orange peel. And then the scafata, a vegetable preparation based on artichokes, potatoes, beans, peas, onion and garlic.
And yet the pizza cresciuta, a typical Easter cake based on sugar, white vermouth, olive oil, anise, lemon and orange.
Basically a visit to Tivoli can be an opportunity to know a magical place rich in history, culture and charm; combining it with an enogastronomic tour of the typical local dishes.

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