Accomodation in Tivoli: Colle Paciocco Agritourism

Colle Paciocco Tivoli

A farm that is located in Tivoli and offers all the services you need: catering, accommodation and excursions between the wonderful natural landscape in which it is set. Colle Paciocco is a farmhouse in Tivoli, on Via Empolitana, immersed in the splendid Lazio that is extremely lush and flourishing. The property is located right on a small hill near the Tiburtini mountains. 30 kilometers from Rome and within walking distance to everything Tivoli is able to offer from a naturalistic, architectural, historical and cultural point of view.
The farm offers restaurant service, possibility to stay in the structure and, not least, the opportunity to use the riding stables for an excursion.

The Colle Paciocco farmhouse

The cuisine proposed by the Colle Paciocco farm in Tivoli is typical of the farmer and made of simple dishes, as the culinary tradition tiburtina imposes. All dishes served are organic, traditional and made with ingredients of their own production and typical of the locality where the farm is located. Special menus for children and non-stop pizza are also provided.
As for the accommodation offer, the hotel offers its guests the opportunity to stay in 5 large rooms with bathroom. There is also a specially equipped room for the stay of people with disabilities. The formula offered is the one with breakfast included, also here with organic products made with ingredients of own production.

Hiking and riding at Colle Paciocco

At the Colle Paciocco farm in Tivoli is possible to move for numerous excursions through the many paths present. The structure rises as mentioned near the Monti Tiburtini; which facilitates cycling or walking. Particularly interesting is the Arcese path, which leads to a disused quarry along the Fosso Arcese.
An area of particular botanical interest that crosses the so-called hunter pass. Continuing along the path you reach the top of Monte Sant’Angelo, in the Arcese Valley. Added to this is the possibility of being able to use the horse handling service; an interesting opportunity to stay in touch with nature, perhaps combining the two things: or an excursion to a place of great interest moving on horseback.

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