Castelli Romani

Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani is an area near Rome, a group of hamlets that rise up between hills with lakes as evocative setting. There are many tourists who periodically go to this area thanks the proximity to Rome, these permits a trip out of town for a few hours.
The Castelli Romani are protected by a Regional Park of over 10 thousand hectares and are characterized by a variety of scenarios that can satisfy any visitors request. The Castelli Romani are rich in history, monuments and places to visit: the whole area is then particularly renowned for the food and wine offer and there are many typical dishes that can be tasted in these parts as well as the wine, excellence of the territory of the Castles. For all these reasons the Roman Catels represent a valid solution for anyone wishing to make a guided tour around Rome.

What to see on a tour of the Castelli Romani?

The Castelli Romani area is formed by many different countries. Its name is dated back about the fourteenth century when many inhabitants of Rome moved to these areas because of the Avignonese activity and the problems connected to it.
Among the many places that make up the frame of the Castelli Romani you can remember Castel Gandolfo, Ariccia, Albano, Rocca Priora, Rocca di Papa, Monte Compatri, Marino, Monte Porzio Catone, Genzano, Nemi. Many realities that can be included in a tour of the Castelli Romani, since the countries are close to each other.
We recommend to visit the Via dei Laghi, a marvelous path of about 2 kilometers with the view of lake of Nemi, Albano or Castel Gandolfo.

What to eat in the Castelli Romani tour

Hilly areas, small characteristic villages, breathtaking views set by lakes, uncontaminated spaces. A set of realities that is held together by culture and tradition. All the countries that make up the Castelli Romani seem to have a common matrix, which is that of tranquility, of good living and of healthy eating.
And the wine and food aspect is one of the pride of the Castelli Romani: some foods considered typical of the Romans are born in these areas. Think of the porchetta of Ariccia, the bread of Genzano, the strawberries of Nemi; and again to wine, artichokes, pincinelle and coratella. A set of traditions and culture that makes a visit to the Roman Castles even more magical.

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