Arpino a visit in the heart of Ciociaria


A town that lies between the rivers Liri and Melfa. It is sited on a green hill, about 450 meters high. Arpino is a country that is located in Lazio, in the province of Frosinone. It presents a variety of historic buildings, churches and buildings of artistic and architectural interest.
The historic center of the city is defended by polygonal walls with an stone access door: the symbol of the city of Arpino. Among the places of interest there are the Palazzo del Cavalier d’Arpino and the Town Hall; the Town Hall with the busts of Vittorio Emanuele II and Garibaldi; the Palazzo del Tulliano, the Palazzo Quadrini, the Ladislao Castle.
There are also several buildings of worship, such as the parish Church of San Michele Arcangelo with several precious paintings dating back to the twelfth century; the Church of the Madonna di Loreto; that of Saint Anthony; and finally the Church of Sant’Andrea.

Old Town and surroundings of Arpino

The most beautiful part of Arpino rises near the historic center inside the walls, in what is called Civita Vecchia. Outside the walls around Arpino it is possible to visit the waterfalls of the river Liri near the homonymous island, the lake of Posta Fibreno and the castle of Vicalvi. In particular, the Isola Liri waterfall is one of the most characteristic landscapes of the whole Lazio.
Arpino is also a center of great culture. The President of the Republic has conferred it the title of city thanks to some of its illustrious exponents born there, such as Cicero, Caio Mario, Marco Vipsanio Agrippa, Giuseppe Cesari or Cavalier d’Arpino.

The history of Arpino and its traditions

Its history and culture starts from the origins of the city, ideally linked to the ancient Italic peoples such as Volsci and Sanniti passing through Longobardi, Franchi, Saraceni, Normanni.
After being part of the Roman Empire, in 1200 Arpino was then incorporated into the Kingdom of Naples, while after the Unification of Italy it became part of the Duchy of Sora. An articulated history that has made this country a mixture of peoples and cultures with well rooted traditions.

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