Accomodation in Tivoli: Hotel Tivoli

Hotel Tivoli

If you are looking for a place to stay in Tivoli, among the recommended locations is the hotel that bears the name of the city itself: the Tivoli Hotel. Located in an enviable position, which is in the Tivoli Terme area, just 500 meters from the Acque Albule Terme of Rome and still within walking distance of some of the most interesting tourist attractions such as Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana.
The accommodation is located in the vicinity of the Military Airport of Guidonia which houses the Air Force Selection Center; the place is known as the venue for the selection of personnel through competitions that, every year, lead to a continuous flow of military aspirants.
Not far from the Tivoli Hotel there is also the Castello di Lunghezza which, during the winter months, is famous for hosting the event “La Casa di Babbo Natale”.

Hotel Tivoli services

Hotel Tivoli is located on Via Nazionale Tiburtina in the Tivoli Terme area: an imposing building with parking for customers just 400 meters from Terme Acque Albule in Rome and 7 km from Villa D’Este and Villa Adriana.
The hotel is also linked to another large structure that stands on the site: the Grand Hotel Duca d’Este. If you are a guest of the Tivoli Hotel you can access the facilities of the Grand Hotel Duca d’Este, located in the immediate vicinity: among these services, the free outdoor pool and a fitness center with swimming pool, gym, sauna and turkish bath.

The hotel restaurant

Guests of the Tivoli Hotel can also take advantage of the restaurant services offered by the nearby Granduca restaurant, which is also included in the Grand Hotel Duca d’Este‘s structure within an attractive garden.
Here you can taste the typical dishes of the Tiburtina culture and, more generally, Roman; national and international specialties; menus are adapted to particular needs or needs, such for example are available menus for vegetarians, vegans, celiacs.
The Hotel Tivoli is also an ideal solution for wellness stays: thanks to its optimal location, adjacent to the wellness center of the Grand Hotel Duca d’Este and only 500 meters from the renowned Terme di Roma Acque Albule.

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