• La Briciola Tivoli

    Restaurant in Tivoli: Osteria La Briciola

    A traditional cuisine restaurant in part revisited where you can savor the taste of conviviality with the feeling of being at home. The Osteria La Briciola restaurant was created to offer its customers traditional dishes [...]
  • Rocca Bruna Tivoli

    Wedding in Tivoli: Tenuta di Rocca Bruna

    A small oasis of peace in the heart of Tivoli, immersed in the greenery of the natural landscape chosen by the emperor Hadrian as his home and refuge from worldliness. The Tenuta of Rocca Bruna [...]
  • farmhouse Bel-Poggio

    Farmhouse Bel Poggio in Tivoli

    An ideal place to eat genuine products but also a suitable location for ceremonies for those who have the idea of getting married in Tivoli. The Bel Poggio farmhouse is a place where you can [...]
  • Church Tivoli

    Your wedding in Tivoli: The Churches

    Getting married in Tivoli is a reality that always excites the palate of many future couples. Tivoli is a town that attracts many tourists every year due to its many beauties: fairytale landscapes, natural frames [...]
  • Unesco

    Villa d’Este Unesco World Heritage

    Helsinki December, 11th -16th, 2011. The reason why Villa d’Este has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage: Villa d’Este is one of the best examples of Renaissance culture. His innovative project and its architectural [...]
  • Sermoneta

    Visit medieval villages of Sermoneta

    Visit Sermoneta, one of the most fascinating medieval villages of Lazio – Visiting Sermoneta means getting lost in a medieval village considered one of the most fascinating in whole Lazio. We are in the province of [...]
  • Restaurant

    Restaurant in Tivoli: Il Ciocco

    A suggestive location for a restaurant in Tivoli entirely built into a limestone rock wall with a striking view of the Gregorian Baths. This is the Ciocco restaurant, a location totally immersed in the greenery [...]
  • Poggio Bustone

    Poggio Bustone Sanctuary

    A historical place immersed in the heart of the province of Rieti; a Franciscan convent where the Saint Francis passed in meditation in search of harmony. The sanctuary and the Franciscan monastery of Poggio Bustone [...]


villa d'este fountain

History of Villa d’Este garden

The garden of wonders and the construction of the hydraulic system. Pirro Ligorio based the construction of the garden on the dialogue between nature and art. This gave the birth to an exquisitely Renaissance theme. […]